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Why Choose Tencel?


Botanic fibre from wood to the Tencel fibre.


Tencel comes from nature and makes use of photosynthesis which has, since the beginning of time, been an important mechanism in nature and the basis for life on earth. In photosynthesis the energy from the sun is absorbed by various dyestuffs, primarily green chlorophyll, and converted into chemical energy. In this respect, the starting products of carbon dioxide and water are converted into dextrose and oxygen.

The more Tencel fibre you have, the more oxygen.


  • Tencel is often described as a natural version of memory foam.

  • In our opinion Tencel is more breathable and flexible than Gortex

  • We only supply reputable bed or furniture stores which have fully trained and knowledgeable staff.

  • Tencel is a totally natural, quality manmade fibre.

  • The trade name for its generic fibre is Lyocell.

  • Its comfort level is similar to Rayon in feel.

  • Tencel is of botanical, (plant), origin. It is an extract from the raw material wood.

  • Tencel because of its cellulose being naturally white can be spun dyed for the nonwoven and textile industries.

  • The fibre itself is extremely eco-friendly due to its closed loop system. Making it easier to be spun into a number of applications, from breathable sportswear, work clothes, frying pans and beds

  • Tencel is naturally used in beds because it is far more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen.

  • The closed loop process that makes Tencel special received the European Award for The Environment.


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